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Dream Planning Realization #1

For quite some time, I could tell my life has been slipping away from me. Not in that dying sort of way, at least not physically. However, I have sunken more into my work in the name of having a better life and all I have to show for it is - more work. Not exactly the way I thought I'd be digging myself out of the work hole. It isn't that I view my work as a hole and am unhappy with it. I love my jobs. I do. And that's part of the problem. They give me a means to meet other needs, while still being pretty darn likable. So I don't realize when I need to pull back to focus on the other things in my life. You know about the other things - friends, family, health, wellness. Things. Example - I work to earn money so I can take my family on trips to neat places. I have worked. I have made money. We haven't gone anywhere. For the past few years, my brother has been living in different places and it wasn't until recently that we ventured out his way for a visit. We missed visiting in Alaska. How neat would it have been to go there? But we didn't. We have a time share that we rarely use even though we love it and enjoyed our previous visits. We haven't really done shit is what I'm saying. And that my friends is Dream Planner Realization #1: all the things I work to do and say I'll do, but never actually do. I'm a fraud.
The pretty thing I got from here (I got the pdf, not the actual book)
And so after I had already decided on some great things for 2017, I was at a loss. I have less a need for planning and more a need for follow through. No, I'm not throwing away my dream planner. It's beautiful, well thought out, and (gosh darn it) I kind of like it. I do think I need to move all these things I say I will do and act like they are things to consider as "taken care of" into this planner. For that matter, anything seeming solid should probably go in here because that solidity is a lie. Like, schedule time in our time share before the reality of overwhelming work sets in. I know it never works to say "I'll schedule time for a break when work calms down." It never does. I just need to pick a time and schedule it. I'm not sure what everyone has planned for 2017. But I hope this is the year we decide to not be frauds and do the crap we say we're going to do.
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