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Getting Over a Life Fail

A photo of my husband and son watching me at a CF Regional game back in the day popped up in my FB Memories. It should've been a happier moment for me. It was more like a lesson learned in "be careful what you wish for." Instead of reconnecting my family when my husband got back from deployment, I dragged everyone out to support me at our regional event.  We got some cheap t-shirts and free gear, but I was injured, exhausted, and angry. I was too busy to really visit with friends. I was too drained to really be emotionally interacting with my husband and kids. I wanted to sleep when they just wanted to be with mom/wife. I was unavailable during most of my son's waking hours. I hear a lot of people bring up things like "chance of lifetime" and "regret" when I was deciding on competing or not. I do believe there are some events that fit what people were trying to tell me. This was not that event, not for me. It was that event for other people. You do…