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Sometimes, we don't make sense in this household

Strange things are said in this household on the daily. Sometimes it is flat out wrong and insensitive (usually something I said) and sometimes it is drop dead funny (also, usually something I said). Let me share the latest of what was said in my household.

The hubs is looking for YouTube videos to play specific song on his guitar. I asked why he doesn’t search for the sheet music instead.

Me: Why waste your time going through all those videos trying to find the one with the perfect viewing angle, speed, and clarity that you need? Just find something with the notes on it.
Hubs: I need the video because I can’t read sheet music.
Me: So. Instead of reading sheet music, you watch other people until you understand what they are doing and then you repeat it?
Hubs: Yes.
Me: So. You’re like Nick Cannon. From the Drumline.
Hubs: Uhh…

That’s right. After my husband challenged how I would ever know how to read sheet music, forgetting I was formally taught violin in elementary school, I related him to Nick Canon. I may also have poked fun at the fact his father is a musician and has his own band, yet the guitar playing son cannot read. When I poke, I poke hard.

Another time, I was wishing someone well on a sporting event.

Friend:  I have a football game this weekend.
Me: Have fun. And remember fun = winning.
Yes, I’m that bastard. I say that often to most my friends. I truly hope they have all the fun possible…and also win.

One last final episode in our house:

Me: We have to help little man with an alphabet booklet project for school. He needs to cut out pictures and stickers for objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
Hubs: I’ll go get the Starwars books.
Me: Ok. That takes care of A is for A-wing, B is for B-Wing, and X is for X-Wing.
Hubs: W is for Wookie. E is for Ewok. Y is for Yoda.

What can I say? We’re geeks. The children and teachers surrounding them will not be spared from this.
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