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don't shame each other, revolt against pants

I don't have wings, feathers, or a peacock tail. That's ok.
With the mess surrounding the Lululemon fat-shaming sizes, the “What’s Your Excuse” mom, and the flippant use of vanity sizing, I'm fed up on most things related to clothing, size, and appearance. I’d like to say nice and supportive things to people hurt by Lululemon’s Chip Wilson saying the pants are built for every woman. I’d like to say only nice and supportive things to people hurt by the “What’s Your Excuse” mom potentially indicating you are not doing enough. I have said nice things, but I can't keep my comments one sided.

Everyone gets to feel like shit!
As a person who has lived a life of getting clothes tailored, washing to shrink down, squatting to stretch out, having dresses custom made, I tried not to care about other people's gripes. I'm a short woman with a back and shoulder frame that belongs on a man. I have a gap between my butt and material in the back of my pants because my waist and butt are disproportionate. I learned to buy clothes large and have them tailored to fit. I'm at peace with it. I don't always fit the standard mold and I don't feel like I need to. It’s not even on my goal list.

I've read reviews from outraged customers because they always wear a size 8 and they didn’t fit into a store’s size 8, therefore the store needed to change its sizing. I've read reviews about people not liking pants because the size they usually wear was not flattering and they would not buy a different size. It is difficult for a company to address the needs of every consumer. There are stores targeted at special sizes. I'm not going to claim short-shaming because Big and Tall doesn’t make something in my size. Lane Bryant is made for plus sizes and they advertise it consistently. If a store advertised to a smaller vs a larger size, they would get less love because answering the plight of the larger exerciser is nobler than addressing the needs of the skinny. Somehow it is impossible to represent one without offending the other.

I know women trying to lose mass and some trying to add it. They're not happy about the way clothes fit. None one seems happy. How is one side of the story better than the other? IT IS NOT. So stop fighting each cause like it’s a personal attack. Feel empowered when you are represented and learn to represent without putting others down. Rejoice in getting stronger legs, losing weight, having the ability to move in a healthy way. Fuck the clothes. For real. Who likes pants to begin with?! NO ONE.

She had a range of sizes, all of which were size sexy
And give Chip Wilson some more practice at public speaking. He reminds me of my former students that got nervous when speaking in front of class. They didn’t need berating; they needed help, empathy, and practice.

For the stores with inconsistent sizes – it can create a hassle. Customers are shipping back and forth to exchange sizes and all they want is to wear those cute yoga pants inside their house where no one can see. Just kidding, we know you wear them everywhere. EVERYWHERE. However, don't be afraid to buy the next larger size. Does it really feel that bad to buy a larger size? Why?! Is it the head game the sizes play with your confidence and sense of self-worth? Cut the tags off . No one will know or you can lie your ass off to preserve your self-confidence while you work on finding better sources of self-worth.

And guess what? Marilyn Monroe was not fat. She was disproportionate.  She had a tiny waist and big boobs. It’s called voluptuous. She was not the only beautiful woman to ever exist. When a media outlet publishes a photo and calls someone “beautiful” please do not think it’s the only standard of beauty. Enjoy being non-standard in size. If you fit into everything you try, enjoy that too. If you got some muffin top, I might say something, but I still love you just the same. Does expanding a view of beauty have to happen at the sacrifice of others?

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