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don't shame each other, revolt against pants

With the mess surrounding the Lululemon fat-shaming sizes, the “What’s Your Excuse” mom, and the flippant use of vanity sizing, I'm fed up on most things related to clothing, size, and appearance. I’d like to say nice and supportive things to people hurt by Lululemon’s Chip Wilson saying the pants are built for every woman. I’d like to say only nice and supportive things to people hurt by the “What’s Your Excuse” mom potentially indicating you are not doing enough. I have said nice things, but I can't keep my comments one sided.

As a person who has lived a life of getting clothes tailored, washing to shrink down, squatting to stretch out, having dresses custom made, I tried not to care about other people's gripes. I'm a short woman with a back and shoulder frame that belongs on a man. I have a gap between my butt and material in the back of my pants because my waist and butt are disproportionate. I learned to buy clothes large and have them tailored to fit. I'm at…