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hormones be like

In case you didn't know - hormones! They're more than just a problem for tween/teen young hearts running around with acne and cracking voices. They are a problem for most of us. We don't sleep enough. Our environment is overloaded with so many chemicals. We freak out at the thought of getting some sunlight without sunblock, long sleeve shirts, and shades so we don't get enough vitamin D (which acts like a hormone). We eat and drink too much sugar. So many things appear to affect hormones. When it comes to regulatory authorities making the link between hormones and weight loss, or anything, we hear crickets.

Low-fat and low-cal diets have been advertised as a cure for weight loss. I don't dismiss the idea that at a particular time, those options may be necessary. Healthy individuals, looking at macronutrients and caloric balance may be necessary for meeting certain goals (not all health related). The key here is HEALTHY individuals. Most people starting at this point are not healthy. Taking a look at your endocrine system might be more beneficial.

What happens when you fix your hormones? What happens when you have enough testosterone or your insulin behaves like it should? What do you do when hormonal birth control throws it all to hell? I'm not qualified to give those answers. I've done my research and found what works for me. I suggest anyone considering weight loss, health, and/or performance do the same. There are medical specialists you can consult. The use of functional health specialists has become a rising topic in many podcasts. Does this mean that's the trend people are going with now? Not sure. To do justice to the subject, you as an individual need to take a personal stake in your own health and research the issue. Then take that information and start looking at what you need depending on your own situation. Do you need diet changes, labwork, do you need a specialist? Those are questions you can answer for yourself when geared with some information.

So in light of that revelation, here is a list of stuff to listen to and read for some assistance:
Breaking Muscle is a neat resource in genearl. Skim the various workouts while you're there. This list contains links to various Break Muscle articles on some popular hormones. Easy to read.
Paleo Solutions Podcast Episode 128 has been dubbed the testosterone episode. Obviously it is here because it has a great deal of information in it. It also talks about how it is needed for proper functioning of the female system. If you commute, do long cardio session, etc. download this episode and take a listen.
Paleo Solutions Podcast Episod 136 is the estrogen episode with Brad Davidson of Stark Training. Davidson has been doing a lot of work focusing on proper detoxing of estrogen and making the estrogen pathways in the body more efficient at what they do. There's some discussion on how estrogen causes many women to hold onto fat in the thigh/hip region and how he usually addresses the issue. There's also a good discussion on household products and cosmetics chemicals that can lead to increased estrogen in the system. Episode 128 talked about the need for some level of testosterone in the female body, this episode addresses the issue of estrogen dominance in both males and females. Here's a hint, just because you have boobs and a vagina, it doesn't make uber high levels of estrogen a good thing.
Chris Kresser has been a wealth of information in regards to pregnancy and diet. To me, his podcasts seem a little dry, but the information is still good. The transcripts are readily available if you'd rather not listen. This episode is not specific to hormone issues, but two sections address them. One is focused on post birth control issues and another is focused on addressing female hormone imbalance (sorry dudes).
This is a link to the Stark Training Podcast rather than a specific episode. Hormones are talked about throughout most of the episodes. Search, pick, and listen. I really dig what this group is saying. The podcasts get a little chatty. I like to download and skip past the chit-chat and get to the discussions. They're typically short in length, so you don't have to dedicate too much time to listening in one sitting. Interesting fact, Brad Davidson was the man who helped the top 3 female 2013 Crossfit Games athletes with their nutrition as they approached the games. I think the knowledge is there and you can tell how their practice is evolving as you listen to the podcast. It is good to know that they're not stagnant and focused only on one concept being true. This is also probably one of the podcasts where they give plenty of attention to various hormones and they're effects on both men and women.
The Paleo View Podcast is indeed a lot like The View television show. At least that is what I think. I haven't actually watched a full show of The View and I haven't actually listened to a full episode of The Paleo View. It is slightly privileged in perspective and the voices of the hosts annoy me. Usually there are good snippets of information and I work my way through the problems I have with the show. If you like Oprah and The View, I think you'll enjoy this podcast. Sometimes it is also nice to hear women and mothers talk about Paleo issues. This podcast in particular addresses birth control. Should be a nice one for anyone on birth control or if you have someone in your life that may be experiencing issues with birth control. If you look in the show notes, there is a link to another website where it runs through various birth control methods in depth and the effect each has on the female body. I skimmed through it, but haven't read enough to say anything other than it appears to have a lot of helpful information.

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