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hormones be like

In case you didn't know - hormones! They're more than just a problem for tween/teen young hearts running around with acne and cracking voices. They are a problem for most of us. We don't sleep enough. Our environment is overloaded with so many chemicals. We freak out at the thought of getting some sunlight without sunblock, long sleeve shirts, and shades so we don't get enough vitamin D (which acts like a hormone). We eat and drink too much sugar. So many things appear to affect hormones. When it comes to regulatory authorities making the link between hormones and weight loss, or anything, we hear crickets.

Low-fat and low-cal diets have been advertised as a cure for weight loss. I don't dismiss the idea that at a particular time, those options may be necessary. Healthy individuals, looking at macronutrients and caloric balance may be necessary for meeting certain goals (not all health related). The key here is HEALTHY individuals. Most people starting at this poi…