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Wrapping Up a Paleo Challenge

​My gym is finishing up a 28 Day Paleo Challenge. As people are thinking about what's next, take some time to read the 7 Shades of Paleo article. It is a funny article, but it brings about some good points. 

One of the goals of this challenge was to introduce people to a different way of living. The reason we wanted to keep it low stress, was to increase the likelihood of making healthy eating more of a routine. However, 28 days is not always enough. The change we really want is permanent. 

To make the Paleo lifestyle “stick” may require some alterations. That’s where the shades of Paleo come into play. Some tolerate a strict Paleo diet, while some opt to indulge in some non-Paleo food. Doing that does not make one a failure, it just means your shade of Paleo may not be so black-and-white. Some don’t have this nailed down yet and need more time or more tweaking to figure out what you need to do with this Paleo deal.

Many of you had some positive results – changes in body composition,…

long post on food prep

We're doing a Paleo Challenge at my gym. Some people have asked what the hell do you prep or how do you prep it. Sometimes we break prep into multiple evenings (ex - Thursday and Friday) if we know our weekend will be busy. Sometimes we get it all done in one day on the weekend. Lately, we've been doing some prep on Saturday night when the little one is sleeping and finish up on Sunday. The idea is to make a plan that fits your schedule, yet be flexible enough to change it. Preparing your food should be low stress in the prep phase and also result in less stress during the week because you already have your food choices lined up.

Here's the run down - after being a recipe follower for so long, I've realized that reading instructions isn't always time efficient. So I picked a few common steps from various recipes and found out what is consistent with my cooking equipment through a series of trial-and-error. Yes, that means a risk of poor or mediocre tasting food, b…