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Service Review – Mile High Organics

The quick and easy for people that do not have access to Mile High Organics delivery service, but may have something similar in their area – very, very useful. Try it. For those that are opting for another service – I’m not sure about the quality of the service, but if you’re a busy person, it’s something worthwhile to look into.
When I was single momming it for a minute, I decided to “outsource” as much as I or my wallet could afford. My sanity and schedule were stretched fairly thin and I needed relief. In came Mile High Organics. I know there are a few options for organic grocery delivery in the Colorado area. I chose MHO out of convenience. I had seen a few of their advertisements and they had sponsored an event at my gym. The name was familiar enough for me.
I made my way to their website and looked at my options. They recommend calling to discuss the various options, but I hate talking to people and part of the reason I wanted the service was so I could free up time, not take time out of my day to discuss options with someone during my already taken up business hours. I threw caution to the wind and chose my own fate without discussion with customer service. You know what? I did just fine.
I went with the two week delivery option of the starter bin. We tried a CSA previously and found that too many of the produce delivered was not being used by the time the next delivery came. I like having the option of an every-other-week delivery with the ability to flex that with express delivery any other time if I need it. The other options I enjoy is the ability to customize my bins. If there is one item I want more or less of, I can switch it out for another one being offered at the time. The location the food is coming from is also included in the information. If I want to go local, I can. If I want something that is slightly out of season or growing elsewhere, I can do that too.
I'm a fan of the service. The customer service is responsive and open to suggestions. I will say that there are some brands they do not carry, so it has yet to eliminate all my other shopping trips. If you're looking for a time saver, something to help in a pinch, and want customizable options, try this service or one like it (I know there are more popping up in Colorado). While it is an awesome service and they keep getting new items, do not expect to be able to wave good-bye to the grocery store completely. There are still items that may be cheaper or more available at your local grocers. It helps me with my time management and gets rid of some mid-week shopping. It might help you too.
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