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don't give me your attitude!

I’m tired. I’m sure there are many people out there who are tired too. Perhaps you're more tired than I am. So what the hell am I doing blogging when I could be napping? I’m trying to get the word out – sometimes you have to work your ass off!!!

It’s time for another physique competition. This time, hubby is also prepping for his first physique competition too. It’s been the typical love/hate thing going on. And how can it be anything but? My husband and I are at opposite ends of most any spectrum. I put on mass by looking at weights and he has to tinker with any plan that would work for anyone. I put on mass by looking at food, while he can't shovel enough food down his pie-hole. I like waking up and getting my cardio done first thing, he can barely wake up to pee. So, it would seem that we're not all that similar.

If we took everything at face value, it would seem we are fairly different. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes though. We both have contest preparation plans that have us changing up our diets from what our norm. We've grown comfy with our routines. So we both have to suck it up and start following the changes our coaches gave us. The plans are not hard to follow, no one is asking us to spend hours on end in the kitchen. These things are extremely personal and it can get to be a struggle to fall into a new routine. We both had to change how we work out. There’s more of this, less of that, tweaking movements just right. Yet again, another battle that has us changing up our comfortable routines.

We both have managed to find ways to deal with the changes to make them work. Sometimes the hardest part is going to the gym for my afternoon Crossfit workout after still being one down from my morning workout and knowing that tomorrow is a wash, rinse, repeat of today. I'm tired, I'm agitated, and I'm beat down. There are times when things line up though. The workouts are great, I feel great, even my shoes feel great, and I can tell the work I've put in is paying off tenfold. Those days aren't every day. But I like those days, I want to have them as often as I can. It has become obvious to me – to get to the good days, I’ve got a lot of crap days to push through.

It’s SO easy to think that something is not working because of X, Y, or Z. I think it speaks volumes that my husband and I can be at so many opposite ends, but attack our prep plans with similar attitudes and both get results. Not everything works for everyone. I’ll give you that. But the next time you think it’s not your fault, do an honesty check to find what attitude you’re bringing to the table. If you're setting yourself up for a bunch of crap days with no intention of putting in the effort to get to the good days, you're setting yourself up to fail. You better check yourself!
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