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2013 Crossfit Southwest Regionals

Aww shucks. I thought I blogged about my Crossfit Regionals experience. I have not. Let me tell you though, it was a great experience but one I wish to not repeat.

WHAT?! Why not? Let me explain. I had a great time, I enjoyed my workout, but every bit of it was a painful reminder that my decrepit shoulder needed to recovery and that I was not anywhere near the performance level I wanted to be. There is nothing wrong in admitting those things. I embrace the fact that I went into the regional workouts in less than an optimal condition. Why? Because it pisses me the fuck off so much that I want to work my ass off to never do that again. If you lost the message in the barrage of curse words let me rephrase – that bit of honesty with my 2013 experience will be used to change my approach the following year.

I make no guarantees that I place anywhere along the spectrum of women competing in the Southwest region. I don't even make a guarantee to place anywhere specifically at my gym. This year I had some good excuses for my performance. I'm at peace with those excuses and I am quite satisfied with the way my priorities led my decisions. Next year is a different year, with a different situation that should allow me some flexibility to train more. I don't think it’s a stretch to say that I can do better. I can.

I'm so amped up and so excited about what I can do. BUT, I have to draw myself back. Having more time to train doesn't mean I should fit in workouts until that time cap is busted. It means I have a larger opportunity to plan my workout and recovery schedule. It also means, I have time to get into a healthier mental state. Being stressed out isn't always bad. It turns for the worse when that stressful time is stretched over a long period of time with no relief. It’s time to return to a better mental state.

2013 Crossfit Southwest Regionals – thanks for the wonderful fun. You tore my shoulder to pieces and I loved every bit of it. You allowed me to see the other members of my team do some fairly awesome shit. And I can't forget the ice bath that I've missed since my college time pole vaulting. It was not a whirlpool, but it also wasn’t violated by an entire football team before I could jump in. Thanks Regionals!
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