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A little JFA can go a long way

I meant to blog after each Crossfit Open wod. Obviously, I did not. So really quick: Nothing made my heart sink like 13.3. Last year I got one muscle up…and that was about the last time I practiced muscle ups with any level of seriousness. This year I managed to fail every muscle up attempt…which were many. 13.4 welcomed me with toes to bar. I was expecting this to be a horrible workout for me because I was slow. I didn't do that bad. The last workout was short. 4 minutes. This was the one workout I repeated. I felt I had more to give in that small time frame. I tried a different strategy that ended up working better. I came out of the last workout feeling more trust in my skills and more hopeful that I was somehow adjusting to the pond of stress in which I had been drowning.
This year, my baby became a mobile, curious toddler. The husband and I make a good team. We were making headway with stress and sleep. That ended quickly though. Before the 2013 CF Open even started, most pe…