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CF Open 13.2

I thought I’d continue my blog theme with the Crossfit Open workouts. For those of you who don’t know what it is, you can go visit the website at It’s a worldwide event, so chances are there is something going on in the place you live. Crossfit – it’s what’s popping.

After being let down only enough to annoy, but not enough to re-do the 13.1 workout, I had a discussion with myself. It ended with the admission I had to balance my actual fitness levels and my mental capacity to deal with that. So I set an honest goal for 13.2. It wasn’t a shoot for the moon or aim for the stars type of goal, which I usually like. It was an honest “look, you’re not where you want to be” type of goal. At the same time, I know my biggest competition is myself (corny but true). I had to think about how much I could squeeze out of 13.2. What number would it take for me to say “ok, I can deal with that and I won’t be doing that workout again”? That number was 300 and not just because I like that movie (ok, maybe a little).

Cillian making everyone else look weak
 (photo by Eric Chin)

300 was not going to win any prizes or make money. What it would do was give me validation that I pushed myself with what I had in my tank. 250 would’ve been easy to pace without putting extra effort. But if I’m not where I need to be in terms of fitness, why go the extra mile? I signed up for something, paid for it, and I dragged my son away from the house or another activity so I could do this thing. All of that should have some purpose and it should have some worth. So if I’m not in it to win it, I should be in it to absolutely push my limits without leaving room for regret. That is what 300 reps meant to me. 

13.2 was on and seven minutes into a ten minute workout, I began to feel it. I’m a short person, so even stepping through box jumps is hard on my hips. I did not plan for this as well as I should have. I still had to reach above parallel for those steps. BUT being shorter meant a shorter distance to dead lift what was already a miniscule weight, that was good. My grip failed transitioning from the overhead to dead lift and I ended up dropping the bar a few times during the last minutes. I know it sounds corny, I swear I know this - BUT I thought of having to make this worth it crept into my head and I pushed myself to get those final rounds to make it to 300.

Did I reach my goal? Yup, right on the dot. As in, 300th rep, drop, crawl, buzzer - done, curl into fetal position. Could I have given more? Maybe, but that's a shot in the dark "maybe' and not a I feel like I honestly could have given more "maybe."

In writing this blog, I saw the theme – the “maybe.” Maybe I could have given more, maybe I could have rested less. Looking at the big picture, if I did what I set out to do, does “maybe” even matter? Not, really. At this point in time, all thinking about the “maybe” does is cause me to stagnate over the past event. Despite all the maybe’s, I’m happy with my 13.2 performance. Making peace with 13.2, I was able to move on with my day and focus on things not Crossfit, not the Open, and not even remotely workout related. That is necessary if you want to live a life that is more than Crossfit. It was nice.


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