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CF Open 13.2

​ I thought I’d continue my blog theme with the Crossfit Open workouts. For those of you who don’t know what it is, you can go visit the website at . It’s a worldwide event, so chances are there is something going on in the place you live. Crossfit – it’s what’s popping. After being let down only enough to annoy, but not enough to re-do the 13.1 workout, I had a discussion with myself. It ended with the admission I had to balance my actual fitness levels and my mental capacity to deal with that. So I set an honest goal for 13.2. It wasn’t a shoot for the moon or aim for the stars type of goal, which I usually like. It was an honest “look, you’re not where you want to be” type of goal. At the same time, I know my biggest competition is myself (corny but true). I had to think about how much I could squeeze out of 13.2. What number would it take for me to say “ok, I can deal with that and I won’t be doing that workout again”? That number was 300 and not just because

CF Open 13.1

​​ My February was not an awesome display of things gone right. My Feb actually sucked. In February, I sliced my fingertip so it was hanging on by a sliver of skin, my grandmother died and we didn’t get to travel to see her, I averaged four hours of sleep a night (I’m a nine hour person), I realized I was living off of coffee and energy drinks, paleobaby started climbing, and I really missed my husband (REALLY). I’m glad it is over and we’re well into March. First, March is a great month because good people are born in March (namely – me). Second, March is when St Patty’s day is and Americans get to bastardize another country’s holiday. I love watch as people use this one day out of the entire year to suddenly proclaim their pride of being Irish. Although, I’m fairly certain real Irish people are proud to be Irish on a days also not related to St Patrick’s day. Good ol’ March. I would love to get caught up in griping about how horrible a month February was for me, but that'