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o sweet compromise

mmm tomato

What do you do when you don't feel like cooking, you have nothing prepped to eat, and you're in a pinch? You compromise. It is bound to happen. I like to expect for things to be perfect, but plan for everything to go wrong. If you rely on things always going as expected, you may end up cutting yourself short of some options.

When we find ourselves short on time, energy, or motivation, I like to have a few ideas of things to pull from my pocket rather than freak out and go to a fast food joint and total shit the bed. Option #1 is a nice sit down restaurant that serves up local food cooked to order. Really, that's also a pipe dream and/or expensive and/or not available. So I go for option #2 - a relatively timely food joint that offers something several cuts above Taco Bell. Hubby and I have a few spots to eat that we agree upon. Usually, fancy burger spots or steakhouses top the list. We know where the closest spots are in relation to our house. We know ourselves, most times the urge to be lazy occurs when we are either at home or close to home. So it's best that we pick a place nearby so we don't end up at a fast food place.

it's as if lettuce were tasty
So how do we come up with these crazy places to eat? If it is a new place, I often scope out the menu and restaurant website online. Many places are upfront with how accommodating they are to different allergies. If it isn't clear, I either call or email to ask. It may seem overboard, but you'd do the same if tablespoon of flour in a sauce made you decommission a bathroom and wrecked your next day too. Sometimes, a place doesn't have a specific allergen friendly menu but the chef and kitchen are able to do help out with some things. Some people have allergies so severe, they need the kitchen to be allergen free for twelve hours before their meal is prepared. Luckily, that is not me. But I have seen places that are willing to do that depending on the event.

We've been stretching ourselves pretty thin with the military stuff, non-military work, training for various events, and trying to do that family thing. The little one's appetite changes often, so we didn't prepare enough food for all of us by the time the weekend hit. Rather than stress out trying to rearrange schedule to cook more food, we went out to eat. Off to Larkburger we went. They use a pretty good ground beef, or so the ground beef snob (aka my husband) says. No mystery meat, no mystery sauce. They prepare their meats gluten free, so no modification is needed on the meat. They also offer a gluten free bun or will wrap your patty in lettuce. We never gave paleobaby lettuce or tomato, so it was a first for him. Turns out the tyke likes both.

We're not a fan of the canola oil they use, the beef may not be grass fed/finished, the tuna may not be wild caught and dolphin friendly, and it may or may not be local. It is not perfect, but considering out options, it was pretty good. They call it a compromise for a reason. It ma not always be like this, but for the way our current priorities are set, it works. Things are rarely perfect, but it shouldn't prevent you from setting things up as if they were and having a back up plan on hand for when the shit goes down.
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