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crackpots (because slow cookers are addictive)

Two. That's right - two. Two crockpots a cooking and an oven full of mess with a grill packed to its limits. Did we go too far, is this too much? For some, maybe. For us, no. I actually got the idea from a dear friend who admitted to having multiple slow cookers, so I know I'm not the only crockpotnut. As a family concerned with what we eat, this works for us. It doesn't mean it will work for everyone else, but it certainly makes our lives easier. Do you know what has to be done with "hectic" food prep involving two crockpots - nothing. It's like plug n' play for cooking. That stuff is getting deliciously cooked and tender while we hustle and bustle through the rest of our weekly food preparation.
So what did this week's preparation entail? "Crackpot" - pot roast, apple/almond flour "cereal." Grill - sausages, beef patties, turkey patties. Oven - chicken, apples, sweet potatoes. Stove - boiled eggs. The one thing we don't really prepare ahead of time is frozen vegetables that steam in the bag because, well, they steam in the bag. Yup, it's in plastic bags getting heated. Yup, not all are organic. Yup, some even have chemical preservatives. Until we can find a better option in terms of money and time, this is it. We I tried the CSA thing last year. It ended up being a waste of money as hubby would only eat few vegetables from the selection. At some point, I want to try buying in bulk and freezing or canning. That point was not the past weekend...nor will it be next weekend for that matter.
Onto paleobaby. This week, we cut some sweet potatoes into cubes and baked them with some light spices. Why light spices? Because you can always add more later, but there's just enough to give a pleasant aroma that puts everyone in a better mood. Why cubes? It is a a different texture between mashed and dense foods. Cubes are great for little hands to pick up and self-feed. In the event we want to change the texture and feed him mashed sweet potatoes, they're soft enough to mash up later. They also mix well with the cubed apples. So far, no complaints from paleobaby. As you can see, he loves his crockpotted meat and sweet potatoes. 
What next? I started rotting food (aka fermenting). Started with kimchi. There's a high chance (read: definite) that I added WAY too much chile. Other than the burning mouth sensation, it's actually good. I'm also trying to figure out how to do a small batch of mead. I mean SMALL. I'm looking for even more ways to shave time and save my schedule. In a short time, I'll be single momming it for awhile until my fairy godmother decides to turn my hubby back from a pumpkin. Until then, my plan is to never have to leave the house to grocery shop :o We'll see how that goes. We bought a side of local/humanely treated/grass feed/grass finished beef. There are quite a few sustainable farming businesses in the area and I'm a fan of supporting them vs larger meat factories. I'm also signing up for an organic foods delivery service. There's two main ones in town, so I'm trying to decide between the two right now. Either way, I'll have noms delivered to my doorstep and if I play it right I could end up saving money. Most importantly, I plan on cleverly using restaurants to avoid constant meal prep by myself with a toddler toddling about like he's supposed to be doing. Toddlerish mischief and ovens don't mix well. If I even thought I could get away with it all and not eat out one time, I'd be pretty damn foolish. I make to glamorization about the hell my life is going to turn into for the next chunk of time. 

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