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crackpots (because slow cookers are addictive)

Two. That's right - two. Two crockpots a cooking and an oven full of mess with a grill packed to its limits. Did we go too far, is this too much? For some, maybe. For us, no. I actually got the idea from a dear friend who admitted to having multiple slow cookers, so I know I'm not the only crockpotnut. As a family concerned with what we eat, this works for us. It doesn't mean it will work for everyone else, but it certainly makes our lives easier. Do you know what has to be done with "hectic" food prep involving two crockpots - nothing. It's like plug n' play for cooking. That stuff is getting deliciously cooked and tender while we hustle and bustle through the rest of our weekly food preparation. So what did this week's preparation entail? "Crackpot" - pot roast, apple/almond flour "cereal." Grill - sausages, beef patties, turkey patties. Oven - chicken, apples, sweet potatoes. Stove - boiled eggs. The one thing we don't really…

o sweet compromise

What do you do when you don't feel like cooking, you have nothing prepped to eat, and you're in a pinch? You compromise. It is bound to happen. I like to expect for things to be perfect, but plan for everything to go wrong. If you rely on things always going as expected, you may end up cutting yourself short of some options.

When we find ourselves short on time, energy, or motivation, I like to have a few ideas of things to pull from my pocket rather than freak out and go to a fast food joint and total shit the bed. Option #1 is a nice sit down restaurant that serves up local food cooked to order. Really, that's also a pipe dream and/or expensive and/or not available. So I go for option #2 - a relatively timely food joint that offers something several cuts above Taco Bell. Hubby and I have a few spots to eat that we agree upon. Usually, fancy burger spots or steakhouses top the list. We know where the closest spots are in relation to our house. We know ourselves, most tim…