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what do we feed paleobaby?

My family eats fairly Paleo. There is no going back. We all have food sensitivities and cannot tolerate gluten or dairy. We can call our diet gluten free and dairy free or we save time by saying Paleo. That's how we practice what we eat too. Rather than staying away from only wheat, we've found more success in avoiding most grains...ok all. When oatmeal and corn make me act like a balloon (inflating AND deflating), I figure it is better to avoid most grains instead of going through a painful trial and error each time.

As adults, my husband and I can be logical about what we eat....sometimes, logic fails me plenty. Kids are not so easy...or are they? Starting our son on meats and veggies has been successful because we have not had to change up his diet, it's the only way he has been eating. He explores the food we eat him without having gimmicks associated with them. He also has been evenly tempered and sleeps well, although I'm not sure if that's a function of the food or just his personality.

Someone asked what we give him to eat. I'm thinking the question came up because at first glance Paleo sounds so restrictive. First thing in my mind is - we give him real food, what else is there? Then I realized we have been at it so long, we've lost touch with the other things parents may offer their kids. I thought a post or two (maybe more) about what we all eat may be helpful. It's not to point fingers and make parents feel bad about their own food choices, but to let others know how we navigate our way through an overwhelming presence of processed foods, where we pick our battles, where we go neolithically crazy, and where we compromise.

First on tap for baby snack - baked apples. Yup. Simple. I took two apples, cubed them, sprinkled cinnamon on them, put them in a baking dish, covered the dish, put it in an oven at 400F for 20-25 minutes.
-Why cinnamon? Because that's the first thing I saw. I like to spice up his foods now that he's past the initial onslaught of solids. One week its cinnamon, then nutmeg, then ginger, but usually just one spice at a time.
-Why cover? I cover the apples with foil or the dish top because I do not use butter or oil. I'm not afraid of feeding fat to my baby, I love fat and so does he. However, I like the taste of the apples and think the spice should be the compliment and not have to contend with butter or coconut oil. Since there is not fat, I keep the apples from looking dried out by using the cover.
-Why 400F? Because that's also the temp we use to bake everything else that gets jammed in the oven at the same time. We're baking sweet potatoes, chicken, pumpkin, turkey, meatballs, you name it.
-Why bake? It frees up my hands to do other meal prep while the food is cooking without needing to be stirred, flipped, or otherwise agitated 

The apples get stored in the refrigerator and lasts as snacks for the week with some left for me to nibble. My son eats these cold or warm. It is not Martha Stewart (but big shout out to my girl). However, it is practical, allergen free, price conscious, does not require 59 ingredients in 80 steps, smells delicious, and it still is tasty. I'd apologized if that's not enough for you but I have exhausted my ability to care. Please and thanks.


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