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adventures in bbq land

Here is the little ball of energy all hopped up on pulled pork and bbq sauce. It is fairly easy to make pulled pork. Slap some spices on it and stick it in a slow cooker. The sauce is far easier to buy though. After scouring the isles of the super market and local Whole Paycheck, I found only sugar, honey, brown sugar, and/or molasses. Rather than sulk, I went to Dr Google and found a nice post by the Civilized Caveman and his Beasty BBQ Sauce. I had to ask myself if it was worth the effort to make it or if this was an area to concede  
The answer was to make it. I'll admit it was more to satisfy my curiosity  I had never made my own bbq sauce and was skeptical on how delicious it could taste without sugar. The linked recipe had an option to add pineapple to sweeten the sauce, but I decided to opt out and go for the full effect. I mean, I was going full hippy to make the bbq sauce, I might as well meet other needs by leaving out the sugar. 
So there I was. Pork shoulder ready to …

what do we feed paleobaby?

My family eats fairly Paleo. There is no going back. We all have food sensitivities and cannot tolerate gluten or dairy. We can call our diet gluten free and dairy free or we save time by saying Paleo. That's how we practice what we eat too. Rather than staying away from only wheat, we've found more success in avoiding most grains...ok all. When oatmeal and corn make me act like a balloon (inflating AND deflating), I figure it is better to avoid most grains instead of going through a painful trial and error each time.

As adults, my husband and I can be logical about what we eat....sometimes, logic fails me plenty. Kids are not so easy...or are they? Starting our son on meats and veggies has been successful because we have not had to change up his diet, it's the only way he has been eating. He explores the food we eat him without having gimmicks associated with them. He also has been evenly tempered and sleeps well, although I'm not sure if that's a function of the…