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so what did I really do?

I did a physique competition. You may be looking at the pictures and may or may not be able to tell the differences in the various girls. Maybe some girls are wearing suits a wee different from mine, but that’s only a part of it. The different categories in these competitions have different requirements. Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Women’s Physique, and Body Building. We’re all there for a similar reason, but what we do is not the same. Different suits, posing, aesthetic requirements. It makes a difference in how you train. I went in not knowing if I would be doing a figure or physique competition. I had no clue about what to do for training, how to work the posing, or how to put myself in a category. I turned to some awesome coaches - Tracy and Cameron Bodner of the team Total Package. They helped me with everything. Not only did they take care of the training and posing aspect, they were there when I started to freak out because I forgot why I was doing all this. They were there to remi…

what the hell did I get myself into?

I asked myself that questions several times during my 12 week competition prep. As I wake up at o’dark-thirty in the morning to do cardio. When I was at the gym getting in another workout. When I started having chicken breast nightmares. The questions always came up – what the hell did I get myself into?
Turns out, I got myself into a fine mess. A great one actually and I plan to stay in that mess. Rather than make this an all-out rehash, let me first tell you why. Why would I sign up for a physique competition? After working at a gym, being in the military, and just being around mothers in general, I heard a recurring theme – apparently a mom’s body went to shit after having kids and the only reason for said decline was the act of having kids. Kids were to blame for the state of a mom’s body. I didn’t want to be that mom. My child was not at fault for the way I looked and I never want him to hear that or experience the feeling of his mother blaming him for a body she does not like. Yo…