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to the strong little girls of the world

I was cruising along Facebook the other and received the little red flag of notification. It wasn't a happy or funny one. Not at all. It was rather sad. A friend had posted how someone had told her little girl that she needs to be skinnier because she has broad shoulders. I'm not talking about a college age lady that should know how to make decisions herself. I'm talking about an young, impressionable, and looking for guidance girl. And in hoping that her mom reads some of this to her, I'll refrain from my usual swearing.

Let me start by saying I dislike it when someone preaches acceptance of all body types...except for the skinny chicks. Somehow they get left off the acceptance chart because "skinny" is what most girls are pushed to be. Those who are naturally that way get caught up in this unfortunate hypocritical approach. If I seem to pick on you, I do not mean to. I accept you for who you are and will make fun of you as much as I make fun of the next person. The ones who are usually left out from both ends are the muscular girls. Not skinny, way too masculine, and looks like a man girls. All lies that I hear to describe muscular women.

Young girls of the world - be strong! Lift heavy things, run fast, be better. Most of all, thicken your skin. There is nothing wrong with your strong body. However, the world will make you feel like something is not right about that. They will pick at you. Worse than having a weak body, they have a weak mind. If you're going to be strong of body, that is not enough. You must be strong of mind. You will be attacked on emotional and mental fronts more than the physical. It's ok, people that do this are the weak people you need to cut out of your life. How nice of them to demonstrate how worthless they are to you. 

Young girls with the strong shoulders, you have them to carry burdens. The burdens of being unique and strong. You don't need to be skinny, fat, or fast. You just need to be you. A healthy and fit version of you, nothing less. Strong will help you be independent. More than that, strong will help you contribute. Keep compassion in your heart as you are teased and made to feel bad. Because you've found a positive way to deal with mean people all life, you learn to be empathetic. You volunteer out of kindness and understanding where others volunteer to get an award or for another self-serving purpose. Young girl, you will be a beacon.

Do not for a minute think that your strength makes you less gorgeous. You are wonderful in every way. You have great tone that just happens to NOT fit into most mainstream clothes. That's ok, those things don't need to be covered up like that anyway.  Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. One day, those big shoulders people use to make you feel awkward will make you feel liberated. And when someone tries to knock you down and make you feel unattractive, know that you are not alone. There are plenty of strong and gorgeous women out there. We who have gone before you now stand behind you. Go forth and do good thing.

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