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dear fatties who workout shirtless...

...go on with your bad self! For the rest of you out in the world that don't meet mainstream standards of beauty and health, but get hot working out like every other human being - go ahead, take it off. Let me be the first to apologize for any snickering and snide comments that are made.

We are all human. We sweat. Colorado gets warm. Considering you are not being lazy by sitting on the couch, you deserve to make yourself comfortable ESPECIALLY when it motivates you to work harder. The taking off of one's shirt is not a privilege for the uniquely beautiful. I would hate for this to lead to some kind of body issue. It's hard enough to get to the gym after a day of work or school. It's hard to maintain a healthy diet when it feels like you have fifty other things going. Somehow, you made yourself get to the gym. You put in the effort to make yourself fitter and healthier. Do not let anyone discourage you from continuing. If it's hot during a workout and you would really like to take your shirt off so you can cool down and continue to work hard, do it. You could be the hairiest person alive and it may look like a sweater when you take your shirt off. I don't care. You're at the gym to get healthy. Go ahead and wear short shorts so your thick legs can move without catching on long pants. If your workout is going to be functional fitness, so should the clothes you wear to that workout.

I think it's funny that people claim the gym is not a place for a fashion show. We pride ourselves on promoting fitness over aesthetics. Sure it's nice to look good, but fitness is what counts. If that is true, then why the snickering and eye-rolling when only certain people take their shirts off? We design workouts to make you uncomfortable. You should feel sweaty and hot. So take it off. Don't mind the remarks you may hear. That's just the sound of ignorance. Some people are less inclined to live life in someone else's shoes. They're too limited to appreciate the fact you're at the gym working to make yourself a healthier person. Screw them. No, really, screw them. Put your body right in their personal space and make them look at all your glory you big fat monster, you. Make them acknowledge your presence. You're a fucking human being and have worth. Claim your space and make sure they know you are not to be fucked with. You are on a mission to make yourself better. Strut!

I never really thought about how callus people were when it came to this part of Crossfit or any gym. I didn't think about it until I heard my friend mention how people talk about girls with big shoulders needing to skinny up. If it is truly about fitness and health, skinny/fat do not matter. None of those beauty standards matter. Your health matters. People that say only good looking people should take off their shirts during workouts don't get that aspect of the gym. I get it. Would you like me to fold that shirt of yours you just took off?
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