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priority one - dodge piss

 Five weeks of Crossfitness is over. The Open has come and gone. Unlike last year, I was not pregnant for this round of WODs...Of course, that does mean the little spawn had broken out of his prison and was part of the real world. It was a new experience for sure.

I started working myself back into Crossfit about two weeks after the little one arrived. And I mean that's it. I worked out one evening, my water broke that night, and baby was in the world the next day...then I was back to it. THEN I started training more seriously for the Open after Thanksgiving. I managed to keep my diet in check for most of the holiday season (keyword: most). I think getting back to the gym was instrumental in me not having a lick of postpartum depression. Plus the community at Crossfit Soco is so awesome and supportive, that I couldn't help but feel good.

I went into the training with the mindset that I'm a mommy first. Yeah, it was all good intentions but there is always that part of me that wants to push the bounds and be more competitive despite my intentions. Knowing this, I put a time limit on gym time for me and hubby. Needless to say, there were days we stuck to it and days we did not. I will say the late days were usually do to catching up with friends and general JFA, rather than actual workout. Either way, parent guilt crept in and I became a clock watcher. Most days, we did not finish the entire training planned for the day.

The entire thing was a rehash of priorities in every aspect. First, the safety and well being of spawn was priority one. For the both of us, I have to nurse him. When you're lactating, your body has no problem telling you its time to drain the boobs. Then there was the issue of what to prioritize in training. Not only did I have to prioritize weight loss vs muscle gains, I had to prioritize which skills to work and what system to tax. Most times, it was strength and skill work that won out over actual workouts.

Based on those priorities, I came back fairly well. I'm not Taylor Richards-Lindsay, but it wasn't too long before I was dead lifting 137kgs and squatting over 100kgs. It isn't that much, but it is when you think about how much hip spread I just went through and the recovery involved in that. After the hip/pelvis/back complex was healed and sealed (not without the help of a good DO), my strength got better.

So what did I gain? All the things that come with increased GPP. Except for one thing I was not able to prioritize - sleep. Spawn sleeps through most of the night except for one feeding. It's amazing how much sleep gets cut out for mommy when she has to wake up to nurse and pump. When I found time to sneak in more sleep, I snuck in more chores. I know the importance of sleep and recovery, but my approach to it wasn't the most helpful.

What did I learn? Something can always be more clean, organized, or picked up. I'm a light-flipping-OCD clean freak. The work to be done will never end. Rather than try to sneak more in, sleeping whenever possible should have been an immediate response. I learned how quickly a bunch of quick tasks can take an hour away from sleep. I learned that if you don't make sleep an upfront priority, it becomes secondary to priorities I put at the bottom of the list. With that in mind, I took this week off training completely. I'm letting my sleep habits get back to some resemblance of normal. Then it's time to tackle getting back to the gym while keeping my other priorities straight.

So how did I do? I didn't do great, but I didn't do bad either. My best WOD was 12.2. All the others were just a reminder of work I left to do. Reestablishing the neuromuscular paths  that make your muscles move when and at the speed you tell them to has been a slow process. Last year, I would have been fairly pissed at my performance. This year, managing the importance of the event reminded me that there are better things to get upset about. Considering I've been dodging piss, poo, and vomit, I'm not sure what those things are, but it is certainly not this.
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