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priority one - dodge piss

  Five weeks of Crossfitness is over. The Open has come and gone. Unlike last year, I was not pregnant for this round of WODs...Of course, that does mean the little spawn had broken out of his prison and was part of the real world. It was a new experience for sure.

I started working myself back into Crossfit about two weeks after the little one arrived. And I mean that's it. I worked out one evening, my water broke that night, and baby was in the world the next day...then I was back to it. THEN I started training more seriously for the Open after Thanksgiving. I managed to keep my diet in check for most of the holiday season (keyword: most). I think getting back to the gym was instrumental in me not having a lick of postpartum depression. Plus the community at Crossfit Soco is so awesome and supportive, that I couldn't help but feel good.

I went into the training with the mindset that I'm a mommy first. Yeah, it was all good intentions but there is always that part o…

yummy meat

Yesterday, a friend was nice enough to share an article discussing a study that condemns red meat in any amount. It's a horrible report on a study that sensationalizes and contorts results. Most professional studies list constraints and limitations of the study and bring to light possible bias. However, the report did not mention those. It also singled out red meat as a major contributor to death of any kind. Awesome right? Looking at the report, I could also assume breathing would lead to death with the reasoning they used. Actually, anything will cause death.

The report didn't indicate exactly how results were analyzed. From what it seems, the study is trying to force causation from correlation. As easy as it may seem, it is not how research business is done. I have not read the actual study, nor do I intend to. There are smarter people than I who have already commented on the story and say things better than I ever could. One response by Robb Wolf can be found here and ano…

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment sucks ass. Really. In the language of lolcat - rly, srsly. I speak of disappointment because I am myself.

It's Crossfit Open time. Giving myself some slack for recovering from having a baby five months ago, I decided I really want to be in it for fun. Then I got injured. I hurt my back and had to take some time off from training. THEN I got sick and had snot and phlegm draining nonstop.

So WOD 12.1 rolls on by. I told myself if I got at least 100, I would not do the WOD again. I got 104. Not great, but was acceptable. 12.2 came by. I was doomed. My pelvis was still unstable. I was in the middle of a drill weekend. I changed squadrons and forgot my food and water in the midst of rushing to get out of the door at o'dark:30. I had to do the workout by myself, hungry, dehydrated, and tired. 65 would be acceptable. I got 90. I was happy. WOD 12.3 was announced. I knew it would happen - Crap. And crap is how I performed. I wanted 9 rou…