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have it your way for under $1?

This is my son. He is preparing for a post-apocalyptic world. You know - when food gets scare and we have to live off the land. Eat bugs. So he is practicing by eating his stuffed lady bug.
So maybe not. I was going to blog about the post apocalyptic world, but then I remembered it is New Year’s Resolution time. Pfft! I understand it helps some people to associate a literally new time with new behaviors. I just hope that people start moving towards nipping problems as they occur rather than waiting for the calendar days to dwindle down to another year.
Why the picture of the boy? Why not? He’s nomsing on a fake grumpy ladybug. That just so happens to be more real than other food out there. You think that All Beef Patty for $.99 is really 100% beef? Really? It’s cost less than a dollar! What does that tell you? People have been trying to show just how little meat is in fast food burgers. Nothing new. Last year, when sued, Taco Bell said it HAD to add other things to its meat to bring up flavor and quality. It’s not affordable food, it’s cheap…in quality.

So if you must use the New Year’s as a time to straighten out your habits, think meat. Sure you want to save money, but don’t be stupid about your health. It might be better to remove a habit to support a healthier lifestyle. Go to the bar four times a week to drink with friends? Drink water, don’t go out so much, carpool to save gas money. A few extra dollars will allow you to buy real meat and cook your own hamburger or scale up from fast food joints to an actual restaurant that serves real meat burgers.

For most diets, processed foods and fast foods are not at the top of the list. In this world and time, when you can get that many people to agree on one thing, slap a “profound” sticker on it and call it good.
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