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working out s-mart

"Shop smart. Shop S-Mart." Thanks Bruce Cambell. But really, think like you shop - smart...especially during your workout.

I'm getting into the workout thing again. I never left, but I'm slowly ramping up to my prepregnancy practices. I have to play it smart though. As much as I would love to just rip into a workout, I can't do that. Not in the least. Other things I can't do - get the same max efforts on my lifts as I used to. I'm not admitting defeat and saying I'll never be there. What I am saying is I'm smart enough to know I am not there right now. I have to work my way back to that place.

That's ok. To be safe, I have to know a "second" me. The post partum me that hasn't lifted heavy, sprinted all out, or done muscle ups for the past couple of months. To anyone in a similar situation - be realistic about your skills. If a workout requires you to be a level 3 ninja and you're only a level 2 - scale it back. If something …