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deep squat workout

I was going to make a big baby post, but that was really too much to read at one sitting. So I'd like to do a semi-flash back along with a delivery post.

First is flashback time. I'm glad to not be pregnant anymore. It wasn't the worst thing of my life, but that final month sure did "exercise" my nerves. I'm assuming it was a necessary evil to prepare for being a parent and having my every nerve exercised by a child. That's cool. I was glad to not be physically assalted with strangers wanting to pet my belly. However, I was tired of hearing about the phantom pregnancy back pains, belly buttons, etc. that I did not really experience. The best advice I got was from mothers who finished telling me about their pregnancy experience with "but every pregnancy is different and who knows what you'll feel and go through." YUP! No matter what your mother or other women in your family experience, your pregnancy will be your own. My mom doesn't call much, but when she did call it was to assure me taht I'd have a c-section like her and would also not be able to her. Wrong on both accounts. Don't get tied up in other people trying to take away what fun and joy you can have in your pregnancy experience. Like a bad workout, dust your shoulders off and press forward.

If you read my personal blog, you know I wasn't blessed with the naturally glowing skin. I had wisely invested in make up. Not the "I spent my babysitting money on glitter at Claire's" make up, but the adult stuff. I also got many questions about my workouts. It might have looked crazy to the new  person, but those that have seen me workout prepregnancy know that I was scaling back. Where you start effects what you can do as your pregnancy progresses. Being in shape beforehand made it possible for me to continue Crossfitting throughout my pregnancy. I went in on Wednesday to do a workout, later that night my water broke, and the little one was welcomed into the world the next day. So yeah, I worked out to the end of the pregnancy. Srsly.

I'm glad I continued exercise because it also paid off in the delivery room. I ended up having an epi, so I couldn't use the squat bar like I wanted. That turned out to be just fine because we managed to still get me into a squat position. DEEP squat. None of that 90 degree or higher stuff. Think leg press machine. I squat well over 200lbs, well over. So you can imagine that squatting out a 7 lb baby went by pretty quickly. Judging by the responses, it went faster than the nurses and OB thought it would go. Having done Olympic weight lifting, squatting, and lunging like crazy gave me the core strength to push according to the OB's instructions. Is control all that necessary? YUP. Some pushes were hard, some were halted faster than others, and some were easy pushes. In all, it took me seven contractions to evacuate Cillian from my belly.

Someone mentioned that delivery was like a hard, deep squat workout - I couldn't agree more. At least, that was my experience. I think many ladies of an athletic/fitness background will have similar reactions. But hey, everyone's body is different.

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