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deep squat workout

I was going to make a big baby post, but that was really too much to read at one sitting. So I'd like to do a semi-flash back along with a delivery post.

First is flashback time. I'm glad to not be pregnant anymore. It wasn't the worst thing of my life, but that final month sure did "exercise" my nerves. I'm assuming it was a necessary evil to prepare for being a parent and having my every nerve exercised by a child. That's cool. I was glad to not be physically assalted with strangers wanting to pet my belly. However, I was tired of hearing about the phantom pregnancy back pains, belly buttons, etc. that I did not really experience. The best advice I got was from mothers who finished telling me about their pregnancy experience with "but every pregnancy is different and who knows what you'll feel and go through." YUP! No matter what your mother or other women in your family experience, your pregnancy will be your own. My mom doesn't call …