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when you don't want what you need

Source The other day, I was thinking of all the things I want. I want to not feel tired, I want to not be hungry and only be able to take two bites of a meal before my stomach is full, I want to look down at my belly and not be reminded of Aliens as the little parasite moves around. All of these things are normal though. In fact, they are signs that I'm having a healthy pregnancy. So what's wrong with me? Aside from the lifeforce leaching parasite, I think a lot of people actually know what I'm talking about. You get so excited about these things you want, that what you need drops by the side. In the gym, including myself, I've heard people say how much they want to lose those last five pounds or lift just a few kilos heavier. They get excited about Crossfit and want to reach all these high levels of performance right away. It all sounds good. Plus, goals are powerful things to have. There is nothing wrong with that. However, we can't forget about what we ne