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home stretch

I'm well into my third trimester! Home stretch folks. With the little one treating my uterus like a punching bag, I can tell the time for him to get out is nearing. I've got bigger in the belly. There's some mild swelling in the feet. I take the occasional naps.

How do I feel? It's the most asked question at the moment. I feel pretty good though. No back pain yet, but I acknowledge it may come later. No hip pain. No odd tummy dealings. I feel like a rolly polly at times. I have to roll back and forth to get up or push myself out of chairs. A friend gave me a prenatal yoga dvd and I'm pretty sure I owe some of the good feelings to it.

What am I doing in the gym? Still working out. The intensity has gone down quite a bit. Still staying away from max lifts. I can still do pull ups, but muscle ups have been lost. I also mix it up with my PR Fit Club program. Lots of lunges, squats, and triceps dips to go around. I also do the South Side Johnny's Runnin…