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zombies on the brain

For those that put on weight easily, don’t feel totally hopeless. Is this you? It certainly is me. I have to constantly watch what I eat. My body responds to nutrients (of any kind) by packing on pounds. You name it – muscle or fat, it loads up on the body. I look at a bench press and gain 10lbs. I think of a cookie and BAM, 5 extra pounds. So sad…until the zombie apocalypse.

Do not feel totally at a lost my easygainer friends. It may be tempting to look at the hardgainer (someone who has a hard time gaining weight) next to you as they pummel 50k calories of food into their piehole.  It is ok, life will continue for you. When it comes to feast/famine times, you’ll be a winner. Why? Our bodies are efficient. Don’t think of it as a horrible genetic downfall, it is survival instinct being promoted through the generations for the ever impending zombie apocalypse. Our bodies will be able to strip nutrients from anything and everything we eat (as it has already shown it can do). What benefit is this? When food sources run scarce because you’re running from zombies and can’t stop for ho-ho’s at the local Loaf n’ Jug, you’ll still have something to burn. Meanwhile, your hardgainer friend with the uber high metabolism will be burning more calories than he/she can turnaround and will eventually…slow…down. Two things happen at this point. Your friend is either zombie food or you become the hero that has to drag your friend to safety because you have enough stored up energy to support that activity. 

No, this is not an invitation to become overweight. It’s an invitation to not be down on yourself for having qualities that may currently seem less than favorable. I see too many people not just work against the gifts they have, but totally despise them. Sure, you’ll need to monitor your diet more than the hardgainer. If you want a particular look, you’ll have more tweaking to do in terms of body composition, if that’s your goal. But maybe you’ll make strength gains faster. Maybe your body adapts better to changes in the environment. You need less fuel and end up saving money. When you’re watching what you eat, you’re a cheap date. The point is, when you accept and work with what you’ve got, it might make things goes easier and you may just enjoy the journey a bit more.

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