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is it about being a purist??

Today, I was introduced to a lovely article discussing some new cycling champion of vegandomness. Now, I have nothing against vegans. Really, I don’t. I understand the general population of Paleo diet supporters are not in agreement with the vegan diet, but I’m more a to each their own person. Eating Paleo made me feel wonderful, if someone can find the same feeling on another diet, why would I interfere? And if someone can be allergic to wheat, there’s a chance a person can be allergic to something found in a meat dominated Paleo diet. Rather than force people into a diet change, I’d rather provide information and let them choose.

The actual subject of the article was not my problem at all. If you’ve been in the Paleo kingdom, you’ve heard the phrases Paleo + dairy, 85% Paleo, 80/20, or strict Paleo. So why wasn’t this guy called a 90% Vegan or Vegan+Fish? It seems that so many people are willing to bash and label Paleo dieters more than other diets. When I explain my diet to people I always say I “try” to eat Paleo. WTF? Are there 80/20 Weight Watchers? We all understand the “trying” part of things, right? What was so great about the cyclist in the article? He was on a mission to prove that you could do anything on a Vegan diet. What was not highlighted was the “+Fish” part, it was a small note at the beginning and end. Was that ok? YES! Especially when reading the response from Bostrom about not getting caught up on the word "vegan."

I’ve found that many Paleo dieters get their science mixed up. There are some Paleo foods that are not recommended in high quantities because of recent scientific findings on their content of antinutrients. It is not that these foods are not Paleo. There are just other reasons not to eat them. Some take it to the next level with intermittent fasting. Others look at what was historically available and tailor their diets to those quantities. Paleo doesn’t require weighing and measuring. It isn’t necessarily low carb. People confuse eating Paleo for health with eating Paleo for performance (AH HA!). That is exactly what the cyclist from the article was about. He was going for some improved level of performance. For him (maybe not for every vegan), that means supplementation with non-Vegan food. 

Sorry it took so long to get to my main point, but it is important to distinguish goals when it comes to diet. If you are working with people to meet their goals through diet, work with them. Give them information about a recommended diet. If they’re not taking to it, find other ways to meet their needs or adjust their goals. Like Bostrom was saying in the article - don't get caught up on the words that describe the diet, instead put attention on the goals. Not everyone has the luxury or ability to be a purist of any diet. It doesn’t make one better or less than…unless you’re watching Scott Pilgrim and then there is a definite line that’ll bring in the Vegan Police and they will take your away your Vegan powers. It was in the movie, it must be true. Eat well my friends.
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