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is it about being a purist??

Today, I was introduced to a lovely article discussing some new cycling champion of vegandomness. Now, I have nothing against vegans. Really, I don’t. I understand the general population of Paleo diet supporters are not in agreement with the vegan diet, but I’m more a to each their own person. Eating Paleo made me feel wonderful, if someone can find the same feeling on another diet, why would I interfere? And if someone can be allergic to wheat, there’s a chance a person can be allergic to something found in a meat dominated Paleo diet. Rather than force people into a diet change, I’d rather provide information and let them choose.
The actual subject of the article was not my problem at all. If you’ve been in the Paleo kingdom, you’ve heard the phrases Paleo + dairy, 85% Paleo, 80/20, or strict Paleo. So why wasn’t this guy called a 90% Vegan or Vegan+Fish? It seems that so many people are willing to bash and label Paleo dieters more than other diets. When I explain my diet to people I…

zombies on the brain

For those that put on weight easily, don’t feel totally hopeless. Is this you? It certainly is me. I have to constantly watch what I eat. My body responds to nutrients (of any kind) by packing on pounds. You name it – muscle or fat, it loads up on the body. I look at a bench press and gain 10lbs. I think of a cookie and BAM, 5 extra pounds. So sad…until the zombie apocalypse.
Do not feel totally at a lost my easygainer friends. It may be tempting to look at the hardgainer (someone who has a hard time gaining weight) next to you as they pummel 50k calories of food into their piehole.  It is ok, life will continue for you. When it comes to feast/famine times, you’ll be a winner. Why? Our bodies are efficient. Don’t think of it as a horrible genetic downfall, it is survival instinct being promoted through the generations for the ever impending zombie apocalypse. Our bodies will be able to strip nutrients from anything and everything we eat (as it has already shown it can do). What benefit…

Paleo Me vs a Baby Class

We’ve been to a few baby classes and have a few more left. You can imagine the thoughts running through my head as a person who avoids grains, legumes, juices, and sugar. I’m not what you call “with it” when it comes to conventional diets. What has been most helpful to deal with these classes is having an open mind. As a Paleo promoter, you want others to have an open mind about your diet. It’s a two way street. 
While there were plenty of strange looks regarding what we ate, there were no attacks. Actually, the dietician was helpful in recommending other things to eat besides grains and dairy that would help get vitamins and minerals they provide. She also didn’t discourage me from eating fish, but recommended safer types of fish, which also happen to be more sustainable. That has winning all over it.
Next, we talked about exercise. Then I realized the intent of this class. It was for the average mother and/or father-to-be. What I did not know was the level of nutrition and exercise kn…