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Paleo Prego

You had to see it coming - the onslaught of pregoposts. Sorry, this is probably one of many...

Since I've told people I'm pregnant, everything I eat seems to be under scrutiny as a "craving." Fries make me happy. There's a deep history between me and French fries that only a select few know the reason. I like to bake sweet things too. I don’t do it often because sweet things are cheats, once again, not a daily thing. My blog is about training, not baking. You won’t be seeing everything I bake. You will see those especially friendly to long time Paleo enthusiasts that may have problems finding a satisfying cheat that won’t tie their GI tract in knots. I have been known to have ice cream as a dessert with friends. So next time you see me eat ice cream and ask if it's a craving, I'm likely to say "No, moron. I just like ice cream." Don't be offended of my response and I won't be offended of your question.

That's what it's really about. The idea a liberty card on eating exists. You know, the "eat whatever you want because you're pregnant" card. It doesn't exist. There is no "card" for any reason. Seriously. The holiday season is not a multi-month pass to a gorgefest. At that point, it's not a cheat, you've fallen off the bandwagon. And that's what is encouraged by these "cards."

And there are people that will tell you it is ok. Do not listen. It is a ploy to make you miserable and sad like them. I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm thinking about the time and effort it took to get to a level of health I'm happy with. It took a lot of mental and emotional reprogramming to live comfortably with a Paleo diet. It took some decent level of effort to make working out a priority. Now, why would I use a liberty card to throw it all away and start back at square one? Why would I set up baby to have an addiction to sugar and have the same issues. It doesn't make sense. Live a little, enjoy life. Everything has consequences. Before you let loose, know what your limits are and when a quick recovery becomes lost.


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