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bring on the hate (angry post)

Raechelle Chase - Source
My belly is getting larger. Some people take the time to tell me how much they notice that, which is usually fine with me. I understand. The situations where it is not fine are the ones followed with a snide comment about never being able to return to "normal." I've been told this several times throughout my life. At one point, a co-worker stopped me to say she "couldn't wait until I had children so I could have my figure ruined too." I've been constantly laughed at and told not to get too comfortable with my shape because it will never be the same after children. These people made it my only option to looking "good" was to never have children. Let me make a few things clear - I don not confuse health and looks. While I am a vain person, my ultimate goal is health. Also, do not mistake your shortcomings for my limitations.

Carla Sanchez - Source
I liken it to people who automatically accuse high level athletes of using performance enhancing drugs. Might there be a chance the person is so far better than you that your scope of knowledge in training and athletics cannot comprehend the work put in by athlete to reach such levels of performance? I've said it before - I've been accused of taking drugs. It's ridiculous to even hear because I'm in no way at that elite level of performance. The person that said it was not used to seeing women in the gym and therefore assumed any woman capable of lifting her body weight was on steroids. Thanks guy, it was a good laugh. What brings me back to calm are comments like the Beth said when I met her at a Crossfit competition - I don't believe in blaming my children for the shape of my body. WHAT!!? Yeah, she called all you ladies out just like that. My hero. Do not blame innocent children for your choices.

Heather Bergeron - Source 
For those "blammers," I have a few names for you people - Heather Bergeron, Raechelle Chase, Jenn Gates, Michelle Mayberry, Cheryl Brown, Carla Sanchez and every other Performance Ready Hot Mama winner (my figure coach and team). The last few are IFBB Pro and NPC competitors. What else do these ladies have in common? Children. Some have more, some have older kids, some are single mother *before you make a comment, not all are stay at home moms, but don't knock the work of a stay at home mom either* All of these ladies are also hot. A blamer may be right. If I can look like any of those ladies mentioned, I'd gladly go back to something other than my pre-pregnancy body because I'd be going to something better body.

I know the immediate feedback to some of the ladies is about plastic surgery. That can only take you to a certain place. It cannot keep you looking fit forever. There is a type of consistent effort that gets a body into that shape and MAINTAINS it. There is a mindset that is necessary to raise children, work, and compete in athletics and figure/fitness competition. If you don't have that mindset, it's ok. But if you secretly see that as a shortcoming, don't use it to restrict what what others are capable of. achieving.

Cheryl Brown - Source
It comes down to this. You could be one of three people. The first person sees a someone who is "better" in some aspect. They are inspired to put in the work to make him/herself better too. The next person substitutes a false ceiling in hopes of justifying his/her current status and lack of willpower to make changes. The third person does not care. He/she sees no need to change, but still gives people credit when it's due. We all have different goals, there's no need to burn someone who is accomplishing his/her goal when it is not one of yours. Which person do you allow yourself to be?
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