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bring on the hate (angry post)

My belly is getting larger. Some people take the time to tell me how much they notice that, which is usually fine with me. I understand. The situations where it is not fine are the ones followed with a snide comment about never being able to return to "normal." I've been told this several times throughout my life. At one point, a co-worker stopped me to say she "couldn't wait until I had children so I could have my figure ruined too." I've been constantly laughed at and told not to get too comfortable with my shape because it will never be the same after children. These people made it my only option to looking "good" was to never have children. Let me make a few things clear - I don not confuse health and looks. While I am a vain person, my ultimate goal is health. Also, do not mistake your shortcomings for my limitations.

I liken it to people who automatically accuse high level athletes of using performance enhancing drugs. Might there be a ch…

fat, wet, and happy

I took a lot of time off last week. It was a rough week at the works. So I was determined to return to my fitness this week. So Tuesday we got a great AMRAP with chest to bar pull ups. I love those like I love my calluses ripping and bleeding. Seriously though, it was a good reminder that I need to workout. Wednesday though, that was all about fun. It was time for the South Side Johnny's Running Club. I'm not the let's run everyday type. I'm the "I like to jog and a run because I need zone out time" type.

Off to the bar we go. I know what you're thinking - the bar? They sponsor the running club and provide us with a nice and welcoming place to meet (not to mention sweet potato fries). It was raining earlier in the day. It slowed down. In all my experience with Colorado Springs, I made the decision to dress as if the rain would not return. My mistake. It rained like crazy on the most absorbent hoodie I owned. I couldn't zone out with all the rain and s…

Paleo Prego

You had to see it coming - the onslaught of pregoposts. Sorry, this is probably one of many...

Since I've told people I'm pregnant, everything I eat seems to be under scrutiny as a "craving." Fries make me happy. There's a deep history between me and French fries that only a select few know the reason. I like to bake sweet things too. I don’t do it often because sweet things are cheats, once again, not a daily thing. My blog is about training, not baking. You won’t be seeing everything I bake. You will see those especially friendly to long time Paleo enthusiasts that may have problems finding a satisfying cheat that won’t tie their GI tract in knots. I have been known to have ice cream as a dessert with friends. So next time you see me eat ice cream and ask if it's a craving, I'm likely to say "No, moron. I just like ice cream." Don't be offended of my response and I won't be offended of your question.

That's what it's really…

3, 2, 1, DONE!

That’s right, it is finally over. It feels odd knowing that this Saturday will not hold any CF Games WOD. There will not be any anxiety built up over how I need to tackle the WOD or the skills in it. It’s all over…or is it?
I heard many members from my gym comment about how they'll continue to work their weaknesses. It's pretty damn inspirational to know that when it's over, it's not really over. It also made me wonder - why? The competition was over. Right? This is what happens when you compete not only for a place, but to make yourself better. That whole progress thing doesn't stop just because the competition stops. It's a continual process. The Crossfit Games Open was a great event, but the people wanting to better their skills provided the heart and guts of the event. Inspiring is what it is. Rather than rest on your heels until next year, how about you get better - now.

The Crossfit Games are over for me, for reals. I'm excited for those I know contin…