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Showing posts from April, 2011 a good way.

Some Crossfit Open Games workouts have past since my last blog. How have I done? Ok. I say that in an accepting way, not all bad.

My goal was to push from the get go and give what I could to the workout. Did I get there? Somewhat. For the fourth workout, I had a goal and was about few reps shy from it. I was slightly disappointed I didn't reach my goal. I MAY have done better if I tried again, not by much. That's why the disappointment isn't so bad. I got close to my goal. I didn't kill myself, but I did test my limits. It wasn't the easiest recovery, but I did recover. It was a quick and I was back to training with minimal downtime. Could I ask for more? If I did, I couldn't ask for much more.

I was happy with my efforts and happy to be disappointed. Who really enjoys disappointment? Being disappointed because you quit, lost your will, or gave up is one thing. It's a horrible thing really. Being disappointed because you were close, but know there wasn'…

my CF games update

Week 3 of the Crossfit Games has concluded. My conclusions - it's concluded :) A lot of learning points on this one. It was the first "event" after making a promise to myself to not do multiple attempts at a WOD. My response has been a mix of punishment, acceptance, and getting over "it."

So many things from one stupid event. Amazing, really, and also cheap considering the gravity of the Crossfit Games is nothing life affecting for me. I consider it a great playground to learn and practice things that I can carry over into more serious parts of my life. Don't go thinking that I don't care about my fitness, I think we all can figure out how I'm trying to separate the layers.

The WOD (workout) was five minutes of a squat clean followed by a jerk at 50kg. I thought it would be too heavy for me to get many in. I'm confident in my cleans at that weight, not so much with repeated overhead action. I told myself that if I do this only once, I better mak…

make it right

We all have a choice. Rarely can we say someone "made" us do something. Perhaps we persuaded ourselves the consequences of not doing something were worse than doing something, especially when doing something we don't want to do.

Right now, I'm sitting waiting for my husband to show up so we can head over to the gym again and do the Crossfit Games Open workout...again. I'm on a different diet, have allergies, multiple bloody noses, am recovering from an illness, am recovering from a week of hard workouts (for both the fitness prep, Crossfit, and CFE), a long week at work, CBTs up the yin-yang, drill weekend, a friend's birthday party, and mopping about my own aging earlier in the week. So I'm thinking - if I'm having a pretty shitty weekend, what the hell am I doing going to the gym again?

It's that competitive side of me. Those who hate to be beaten know this side well. We have wrestled control of their lives from this side fight day-in and day-out…

8 Minute Meditation