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I just got done watching some of the webcasts of the Arnold Sports Festival. What can I say? Everyone I saw was an inspiration. What does that matter? Sometimes we dedicate so much to sleep, diet, and exercise but still find ourselves plateauing. If I'm really doing so well in those arenas, where else is there to look but inside? I needed an internal heave-ho and seeing the competitors at the Arnold really did it.

Why is that? Watching the Figure International pre-judging, it seems every lady called out had either completed a masters degree, had at least two kids, or donated an entire paycheck to a charitable organization. Who does that? I find it pretty hard to stay in shape, have hobbies, and work. Add on the life of being a professional competitor. It isn't a cheap sport and is loaded with some time demands. To be able to do these things while raising children, childbirth, and school, it's a wonder they don't look worn out. The winner of the Bikini International is …