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the kool-aid is waiting for you

I had a friend make a comment about how she didn’t realize everyone who Crossfit was NOT some superstud looking athlete. If you’ve been in an affiliate, you know that Crossfitters come from many walks of life and have even more varied goals. We don’t all look like Adonis. Step back and take a look at all the pictures on the main site, different affiliate pages, and personal blogs. It is easy to see how someone can come to that conclusion. I read tons of comments about how “hot” Crossfit makes people look. It is not all about looking like an athlete rockstar. It is about health. 

There are many things Crossfit is not. It is not a religion. It is not about making you puke. It is not about pushing you to unhealthy levels of exhaustion. It is not about judging your initial level of fitness. It is not about minimizing your accomplishments. It is not only for elite athletes. It is not about making fun of who you are. It is not about making fun of who someone else is. It is not about arrogance.  It is not finger pointing. It is not about alienation. It is not apologetic.

Despite the comments you see regarding any of these things, Crossfit is about health. It is about taking you from Point A to Point B, where Point B is a place better than Point A. It is about prevention of illness. If you go to my affiliate, you know it is about a supportive community. It is about scaling and modifying to recognize your commitment to fitness. It is about making the programming accessible so you too can “drink the kool-aid.” It is about cheering on other people in the gym because you share an experience - the struggle of a workout. 

With the many things Crossfit is, there is plenty it is not.  The reasons people participate Crossfit are unlimited, unrestricted, and often times unadulterated. If you are thinking about Crossfit or making healthy changes in general, do not be discourage by comments you read. Be encouraged that there is a community out there waiting for you. I know it sounds corny, but it is true. Srsly. Yeah, there’s kool-aid, it's for everyone though. I mean, only if you consider health a kool-aid.

Need proof. Watch this.
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