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it's all in my head

I realized that I may seem rather body conscious to people. That's ok or should I say "let me explain...?"

I am somewhat smart. Rest assured that while I may not have the keenest common sense, I am not a dumbass. I enjoy athletics, but I also enjoy art, literature, and philosophy. Truthfully, the intellectual parts are a large piece to why I am concerned about my body.

When we have poor nutrition, we begin to get ill. Our systems start to misfire, the don't communicate with each other correctly. We break down. When we let our bodies crap out, we also get injured. We don't give our bodies what they need to recover and rebuild. This could lead to issues with getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. So now our bodies are ill, injured, and unable to attend to these maladies. Treating your body like crap leads to failures in your soft tissues, muscles, bones, skin, endocrine system, etc. How does this sound enticing?

All this stuff pours into the mind in the form of mental stress. Now we have physical and mental stress. You worry about your injuries and how having limited range of motion will affect work and family life. Your lack of sleep causes you to be less alert in the workplace and while driving friends around town. Your heart rate increases in response to this stress. You start to worry about something during most of your waking moments. Since you can't get much sleep, that's a lot of time. Sounds not so enticing.

That is not how I want to spend my time. I want to spend stress free, pain free time with family and friends. I want to spend time thinking about the book I just read. I want to spend time developing my own philosophy to guide my life. I cannot do that if I have a torn up body and a mind full of stress. Cultivate the body and you will cultivate your mind. For all the people that think being healthy hinders "living in the moment," think about what kind of "moment" you're really having when your body is crapped out. Keeping your body healthy reduces stress and puts you in a better position to handle the seemingly insurmountable obstacles when they rear their ugly head. As Jack LaLanne put it "...I want to live while I'm living." So while the screw health, we're all going to die types are crashing their bodies, the health-minded bunch will continue to enjoy the well rounded benefits of health and be able to take advantage of life. RIP Jack.
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