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Figuring it out

I've been taking trips to the globo gym lately as part of my figure competition preparation. What I've found is a gym with some poofy medicine balls and space for wall ball shots. Plyo boxes for box jumps. Some girl (not me) using the pull up bar to do burpee pull ups. WTF globo gym? That's right, some of these gyms have recognized the appeal of Crossfit. Some have their own affiliate. While I don't feel totally at home in this place, it has come a long way from what I remember. The resentment towards Crossfit is dwindling.

I've come to realize a few things. If the Crossfit community is to continue to grow, we need to welcome everyone. That means those people we make fun of on the elliptical. Crossfit can be done anywhere, including the globo gym. Someone's membership at a globo gym has no bearing on their knowledge or acceptance of Crossfit. After all, I was there. It is very possible a Crossfitter was visiting and saw me on a seated leg curl machine and though "poor, hopeless soul." We cannot keep up with the snooty attitude and expect these people to feel comfortable coming into our affiliates.

I realized that despite the community you belong to, if you're in the gym, it's probably for a similar reason. We want to be healthier, feel better, and/or look better. We all have some level of dedication that keeps us returning. The few isolation movements I've been doing have been crippling! I haven't done calf raises in years and it took awhile to recover from a few sets. Crossfit didn't prepare me for this, but it wasn't meant to do that. It takes a different mindset for this approach, but I'm giving it a chance.

I've been doing some research. I found a few competitors that use strictly Crossfit for their preparation and a few that use some Crossfit. It gives me hope! Thanks ladies. Also, as functional as Crossfit is, it is good to know that combined with the right diet, figure judges appreciate the aesthetic value of it. Until my first competition, I'm giving my routine an honest shot. It's rough on the mind, but necessary. Plus, it's a good check to keep mentally flexible to different physical demands.
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