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MovementU Seminar at Crossfit Soco

the kool-aid is waiting for you

I had a friend make a comment about how she didn’t realize everyone who Crossfit was NOT some superstud looking athlete. If you’ve been in an affiliate, you know that Crossfitters come from many walks of life and have even more varied goals. We don’t all look like Adonis. Step back and take a look at all the pictures on the main site, different affiliate pages, and personal blogs. It is easy to see how someone can come to that conclusion. I read tons of comments about how “hot” Crossfit makes people look. It is not all about looking like an athlete rockstar. It is about health. 
There are many things Crossfit is not. It is not a religion. It is not about making you puke. It is not about pushing you to unhealthy levels of exhaustion. It is not about judging your initial level of fitness. It is not about minimizing your accomplishments. It is not only for elite athletes. It is not about making fun of who you are. It is not about making fun of who someone else is. It is not about arroganc…

dry what?!

Dry needling. I never heard of it until the other day. The nice folks from Synergy Manual Therapy stopped by to demonstrate the technique at Crossfit Soco yesterday. I'm not usually one to volunteer for events involving needles.

After a quick discussion on the technique, I was curious. It way it was explained reminds me of e-stim. Obviously, they specialize in manual therapy, so they probably don't have electrical stimulation units in their office. The goal is to target a muscle area with the needle and move it around in such a way to get a muscle to release its contraction by changing its current electrical pattern. Electricity in my muscles?! Yeah, true story. If you don't know much about your nervous system and how electrical pulses hop inside your body, Google it or try this website.

I have been doing some isolation exercises and my hamstrings seem to have suffered the most. The past few days, they have been tight, sore, and overall just a mess. The area the therapist …

Look Better, Feel Better Week 7

Figuring it out

I've been taking trips to the globo gym lately as part of my figure competition preparation. What I've found is a gym with some poofy medicine balls and space for wall ball shots. Plyo boxes for box jumps. Some girl (not me) using the pull up bar to do burpee pull ups. WTF globo gym? That's right, some of these gyms have recognized the appeal of Crossfit. Some have their own affiliate. While I don't feel totally at home in this place, it has come a long way from what I remember. The resentment towards Crossfit is dwindling.

I've come to realize a few things. If the Crossfit community is to continue to grow, we need to welcome everyone. That means those people we make fun of on the elliptical. Crossfit can be done anywhere, including the globo gym. Someone's membership at a globo gym has no bearing on their knowledge or acceptance of Crossfit. After all, I was there. It is very possible a Crossfitter was visiting and saw me on a seated leg curl machine and though…

athletic ADD

I am not the most patient person. As my excitement for the Crossfit Games was drawn out over ?? months (it's still being drawn out) my mind has moved elsewhere. I decided to do two figure competitions with the possibility of more later in the year. This requires non-Crossfit protocol. A good friend had the sense to ask if I was still intending to participate in the games since I had another event requiring my time and energy...ummm, yes.

My goal with the Crossfit Games this year was to compete on a team. The rules say we all have to compete as individuals first. The motivation of many ladies I knew was obliterated with just a few sentences and we're now struggling to find female competitors. Boo :( There are few individual sports I find entertaining and I was  looking forward to a team. Rather than throw away the work I put in, I decided to keep on keeping on. At the same time (because I have athletic ADD), I decided to do something with concrete, specific details laid out - th…

Why do I do this to myself?

I don't expect to be great at all things. I expect to try things I know I'm not great at. I practice skills I'm strong at and try to be ferocious attacking weak skills (aka weaknesses). I don't want to be familiar with a weakness. I want to be BFF's with it. I want to let it know it is not the boss of me. Example. I'm not a fan of center stage. I'd rather share the spotlight with a friend or completely give it to another completely. To me, it's pretty scary. What to do? Step out of the comfortable, familiar Crossfit box I've been living in and enter a figure competition.

Competition judges will not care about my Fran time. They won't ask about my dead lift. I'm excited to be trying something different and scared because I'm out of my comfort zone. By myself. On a stage. To be judged. I am unfamiliar with the entire process. Become comfortable with a it, right? Someone remind me of that when I trip on my heels while walking :) This i…

Book Review: 4-Hour Body

Book review time! I got done reading 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss last week. I had to give it time to settle in before reviewing it. As a Paleo diet promoter, I wanted to hear about how great it was. But this book isn't designed for that person. A full-on diet book is appropriate for that person. This book is a book of short cuts, but not in a bad way.

We all get short on time, patience, and other resources. The 4-Hour Body provides the reader with a decent guide to maximize what resources he/she does have. I like that some diet recommendations are in line with Paleo. Those expecting the ultimate diet short cut can still expect to have some work ahead of them with trimming out certain items. Sorry, there is no easy pill.

The sections of the book are geared towards goals - getting lean, putting on muscle, recovery, sex, and sleep. Each section is worth a read, but each section also reads great on its own. What does this mean for you? It means you can attend to your goals faster than i…

it's all in my head

I realized that I may seem rather body conscious to people. That's ok or should I say "let me explain...?"

I am somewhat smart. Rest assured that while I may not have the keenest common sense, I am not a dumbass. I enjoy athletics, but I also enjoy art, literature, and philosophy. Truthfully, the intellectual parts are a large piece to why I am concerned about my body.

When we have poor nutrition, we begin to get ill. Our systems start to misfire, the don't communicate with each other correctly. We break down. When we let our bodies crap out, we also get injured. We don't give our bodies what they need to recover and rebuild. This could lead to issues with getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. So now our bodies are ill, injured, and unable to attend to these maladies. Treating your body like crap leads to failures in your soft tissues, muscles, bones, skin, endocrine system, etc. How does this sound enticing?

All this stuff pours into the mind in the form of me…