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what I learned from my cat today

Pets can teach us a thing or two. This is my spoiled rotten kitten. She's not of kitten age any more, but she might as well be. That green ball is a lacrosse ball. It's a pretty dense ball, heavier than a tennis ball. My cat doesn't weight much, definitely under 10 lbs. She's got typical cat paws, nothing like hands. Yet, she managed to take that ball from the living room to our bedroom...up the stairs. WTF?

One time, I caught her playing with a house slipper of mine. It was about the same length as her. She carried it up the stairs in her mouth.Crazy!

So what's the lesson? Aside from unconditional love, this pretty kitty has unconditional heart. I've seen plenty of people with "heart." Kenny Florian has a lot of heart. And I've seen people "heart" their way to a prelim tournament. You better have something to back up all that heart to get farther. You either have heart because you have talent or you use your heart to develop more skills and compliment your drive. Also, my cat did not quit. She could have (and has) left her toys in the middle of the floor for me to slip on. She wanted a play toy upstairs though, so there it is. If she truly wants it, she makes it happen. Finally, she's having fun playing. Life doesn't have to be the doomsday we make it. We can break it up and have a good time doing silly stuff. Mix in some play with that work.

Thanks for the friendly reminder kitty.
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