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Feel Better, Look Better Week 2 makes me angy

It is week two for my Feel Better, Look Better program my health insurance recommended for me. Soooo. After reading my previous day's blog, this week's recommendations are somewhat angering.

First, they recommended a balanced diet according to the Food Pyramid. They told me to get about 55% of my calories from carbohydrates, avoid saturated fats, limit fat intake to under 30% of my calories, and to write a food journal. The recommendation for vegetables as a source of protein was just laughable. I know vegans have to look to vegetable sources for protein, but I'm not one of them. I'm do not avoid saturated fats. So meat is an efficient way for me to get fat and protein. For carb intake, the plan recommended fruit juice. FRUIT JUICE?!

The goods of week two - food journal and an emphasis on variety. I'll give this program credit in these areas. The journal was a nice template that would help the beginner. I prefer a spiral bound journal with blank pages. It was nice to see them make a recommendation and provide a tool to follow through with it. The bad - the program follows only one guideline - The Food Pyramid. These guidelines have obviously not helped America bounce back from obesity. We are getting fatter on these recommendations, so why wouldn't this program provide more options?

If week three mentions anything about a steady level of cardio exercise throughout the week, I'm giving up on it. I'm getting my crap together to start a figure competition. My comments on that may end up replacing this miserable Feel Better, Look Better program. If the assessment's recommendations were real, why weren't they recommending immediate consultation with a doctor or dietitian? What I would want is someone to take my health markers on the diet I'm currently on, tell me what is wrong with them and why I need to improve them even though they are in the normal range. Then I'd like for this person to watch me as I change to their diet recommendations and pay me for each marker that changes for the worse. I lie, I wouldn't change my diet. I've been there and it was nearly my demise. I'm not willing to torture myself like that again. I'd rather do a hero WOD.
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