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doing some light reading

I like to read "stuff." For Christmas, my dad bought me several books. The two I finished most recently were The Essential Guide to RF and Wireless by Carl J Wesiman and Better Than Good: Creating a Life You Can't Wait to Live by Zig Ziglar. Neither book ended up on my all time favorites list.

I doubt you're reading my blog because you are into wireless technology. I do have a job and it does not include blogging. It includes a lot of involvement with wireless technologies. Honestly, I also have an interest in things other than fitness and health, RF technology being one of them. I find it nice to have hobbies and interests that do not include the gym. I am an advocate of making oneself multidimensional by having hobbies and interests that do not include the gym. So, to give myself some depth, I got caught up on wireless fundamentals. Quick book review - if you've worked in the aerospace industry (aside from SATCOM), this book will be nothing more than a reference of things you know in a better to understand format. There are some details that those in the industry could do with, this book does not include those details.

The second book is by a motivational speaker I have heard of since I could remember. I'm not the biggest fan of reading motivational or self-help books. I'm also not a fan of ruling all things useless, so I picked up this book to see if my passion for learning was greater than my distaste for self-help books. Ziglar's book is HEAVY in testimonials. I'm not a fan of those. The book is also heavy on religion. I'm not the most religious person, but I'm a huge fan of prayer. No matter what or who you pray to, I think it affects your life if you use it. For such a God-centric book, discussion on communicating with the man above left me unfulfilled. This book did have some great insight on failure and passion though. It wasn't anything new or awe inspiring, but it was a good reminder on things important to life. Fitness and health are supposed to help you to lead a life you enjoy. If your life outside of the gym is not joyful, you got some issues to work on...outside the gym. There was plenty of discussion on the many ways to take care of yourself physically, spiritually, and otherwise. It had some decent take-aways.

Reading takes time away from other activities. It gets hard to do when you could be doing other things. Sometimes we need to dig through all that information though. For such uninspiring books, I felt better after reading them. I felt like I had some intellectual growth and reconnection. I felt assured in the steps I was taking to lead an enjoyable life. Mostly, I felt reaffirmed that I had an existence outside the gym that was being supported by what I did in the gym.
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