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Earlier in the week, I was reading up on the newly minted Miss Colorado. I did some research and found this article. She discusses how her diet and exercise help her maintain her great shape.

It is absolutely lovely advice if you love her shape and who wouldn't, she's a pageant winner. Count me in that group. She's svelte, she's got skinny arms, and she spends 45 minutes on an elliptical. She partakes in carbs and doesn't believe in cutting them out. That's cool.

Miss America competitions are not for everyone though. After helping a student of mine with her prepare her speech for a pageant competition, I realized that I could never be in a pageant. Give credit to those girls. They work hard to look a particular way.

The Crossfit Games and any Crossfit type of competition is the pageant of "our kind." Some of us eat Paleo, some of us Zone. We take our diets seriously. We don't succumb to mainstream promotion of any way to eat. Whether we're a meatasorusrex or a vegan vixen, we prefer looking at the science and making decisions based on a serious understanding of science, intentions, and goals.

We don't do cardio...That's a lie. But we have a true understanding of variety of exercise. We go for maximal intensity some days, max weight on others, and we may do a 5k cardio run when we feel like. We don't have skinny arms, we have muscular arms. Our hips and thighs are evidence that we can squat more than Barbie. Some of us have six packs and some of us have lovely, layered guts. But all of us are up for a good workout with tire flips and rope climbs and that's hot. We don't need an elliptical, we need a box jump.

We don't fit into Miss America competitions. We don't look like those girls and that's ok. They have their stage and their show. Leave them to it. Most of those ladies have mastered how they need to diet and exercise their way to that winning look. Our pageant stage is the gym floor, a lifting platform, a pull-up bar, a box jump. Our talents are our times in Fran, Helen, Murph, etc. We compare max deadlifts and admire a good muscle up. We don't rock the bikini competition, we rock the sports bra and tiny short competition.

The girls we see growing up, we don't tell them to cardio their hearts out. We tell them to do exercises that make them grunt and do the ugly lifting face. Girls around the world, when you see pageants, realize IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY FOR YOU. There are many definitions of beauty and that's just one. If you don't fit in that world, try mine. I've got a spot for you at my gym.


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