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It's almost that time of year - New Year's Resolution. I'm not a fan of the resolution. The thought of New Year's Resolutions just gets me flustered. I have a lot of blogs drafts on this particular topic. There's so much I want to say, shouldn't say, and things I'm just too confused about to say. But I felt I should post something, so here's what I've sorted out.

If you want to make a change, you shouldn't wait. I don't think people need to "get ready" to start a change. Isn't that planning considered "starting?" Set yourself up for success and plan for struggles with implementing your change. Do you honestly think everyone will stop having birthday cake celebrations because you made a resolution to not eat sugary foods? You know struggle will be there, have a plan.

Do you truly believe that you will give it your all because a goal has a label of New Year's Resolution attached to it? Get deep. Find a real reason for your goals. My family has a history of diabetes. I don't eat like shit so I can avoid diabetes. It has nothing to do with New Year's. This goal has become a lifestyle, it doesn't end. You can go to the gym every day, not commit to the workout, and make zero progress. You should have something that motivates you to apply yourself. Once you find that motivation, it's a matter of follow through.

Now back to more talking about me...

I've made a commitment to being perfect. I'm not and I understand I will never be, but the goal makes me laugh because it is so ridiculous. Often times, the root of my imperfection has nothing to do with the way it has manifested itself. Woa, right? Currently, I find I start a project with no desire to apply myself to it. My solution - read up on motivation. I've gone back to my roots - Zig Ziglar. My dad made me watch Zig before I was in elementary school. Since then, I've shunned the man's works...until recently. Thanks to the spirit of Christmas, I now have a copy of one of his books sitting in my Kindle (thanks Daddy!). I hope to gleam some information to help me do better at keeping my motivating reasons up front in my life. My other problem is that I have too many things going through my head, it becomes impossible to grasp an entire thought. Daddy also bought me a book on meditation. Awesome. I'm hoping I'll gleam some useful information from these books to bring me one step closer to my goal - perfection :)

I'm not sure what the purpose of this post was. I don't really care. What I do hope is that whatever goal you have, tied to New Year's or not, that you find some meaning in it. Root yourself, ground yourself in something that is very meaningful to you. This is what will carry you through your struggles and if you faulter, it is what will help you self correct. And if you consider yourself a friend of mine, if I can help make you more perfect, let me know and I'll see what I can do :P
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