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mythical balance

Thanks to Lauren's comment on a Facebook post, I'm not writing about weight loss...somewhat. I'm not a fan of weight loss. I used to get riled up when I hear "I just want to lose 8 lbs" or "I want to fit into the jeans I wore in high school." There is nothing wrong with those goals. When they are not backed by a desire to balance health and fitness, they are hollow. There are plenty of unhealthy ways to achieve those goals. There’s only struggle in trying to find balance, but it’s a good one that makes going beyond those goals easier.

How does the mythical “balance” work into weight loss? I see many failures or “after failures” result from lack of balance. I hear a lot of shit slung about balance and how you MUST have this. You must balance work, diet, gym time, and family. People will preach to you that you can have perfect balance. BS. I have nothing against balance, just like I have nothing against rainbows, flowers, and butterflies. I don’t expect these things to always be around though. I don’t expect balance between every single domain to be in harmony at all times either. I expect a struggle to bring things in close alignment. Life will not always be perfectly balanced, maybe pretty close. There may be a day work requires me to stay late and miss out on family time. I will take a day of leave later to tell work to kiss it while I enjoy time with my family. That struggle is CONSTANT. If I’m always at work late and miss out on family and gym time that is not a struggle. That’s a sign of someone who has quit trying to find balance.

In health, quitting does nothing for maintenance. Let’s say I worked my ass off to make weight for a fight. I went on long runs every day and starved myself. Balance – out of whack, but goal secured. The effort it took to get the goal has drained me. I am unable to put up a good fight. I’m gassed and my body/I quit…again, the first quit was on the struggle for balance. Not good. If I struggled for balance, I’d find ways to cut weight so health and performance are not in jeopardy. The solution may be smarter exercising, change in diet, or different strategy – go up in weight rather than drop. Lots of struggle, zero quit.

It is difficult to balance work, family, food, and the gym. I understand. Making this happen is necessary for healthy living though. I cannot make all things be in balance at all times. I can make consistent, sincere attempts though. I can keep within a reasonable distance that won't cause unhealthy side effects. I don't expect perfection...ok, that's a lie.
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