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"It's not you, it's me"

...that's what you should tell your diet. My diet/way of eating follows the Paleo Diet, Primal Blueprint, or whatever you want to call it diet. Here's a quick run down of some common points among these diets:

These guidelines are stated with more detail in books like The Paleo Solution and The Primal Blueprint. They're also posted on the associated websites for Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson. There's even the Metabolic Efficiency Diet that doesn't market itself with the caveman look, but is grounded in similar concepts of burning fat for better endurance performance. All great ideas from well educated people put out there to help the masses. We are the mass. They're here to help us...if we want it.

Help does not equal handholding.The last few podcasts on the Paleo Solution have included questions where people are so perplexed about why they aren't meeting weight loss or performance goals while following the dietary guidelines. Truth be told, when their diets/dietary habits were presented, it was easy to spot. The people were not following the diets as prescribed. There was dairy included a few times a day, grains all over the place, and bad sleep habits. Somehow these people thought it was ok to indulge in these off-diet habits and still claim to be following the guidelines. Stop lying to yourself.

I see/hear it often. Let's use me as an example. I have a few pounds until I reach my goal weight...for the last few months. Earlier in the year, I did "strict" Paleo for a month with awesome results and even got to my current goal weight. I know I am carb sensitive. Very. In past few months, I had cheat foods - ice cream, sorbet, and alcoholic beverages. Hm. So as a carb sensitive person eating cheat foods, do I really need to question why I have not lost those last few pounds? Not really. I know why. Every time I ask the question as if I don't know - I am lying to myself. When I hear someone say they ate a cheat meal because they ate good all week, but they aren't meeting their diet goals, I know that person is lying to him/herself. STOP IT!

I would like to see things go one of two ways. 1 - Make the changes that need to be made (i.e. take the excuse off the table) or 2 - Accept that the diet is not be followed and don't blame the diet for lack of success. The point of failure is you (in my case - me). If you are on one of these diets and haven't tried the 30-60 days of the strict version, that's failure 1. As I heard it on the Paleo Solution podcast, some people just want to be a unique butterfly in terms of this diet. Follow it, adhere to it, give it a chance to make changes. If you are slow to react to it or have a seriously issues, give it more than 30 days. Once you've done your time on the strict version, you can tweak it to see just how far you can push your cheats. Journal it, document it, so you know where your boundaries are and you can stop short of them in the future.

I journal a lot of things. However, I've failed to journal how far my cheats can be pushed without have a negative effect on my goals. I have no clue if I can have one cheat or two, if I can have sorbet but not ice cream, if I can drink wine but not beer. No idea. None. Time for a do-over!
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