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I can't see!!!
I've been thinking a lot about visualization, mostly to take my mind of my aching belly from delicious cheats I had this weekend.

I took a trip down memory lane and remembered what my old pole vault coach told me “This is how you vault. See it. Feel it. Do it.” Right coach. 1 – See it. I have to perform the routine in my head. 2 – Feel it. Each muscle figures out what it has to do to make the picture in my head happen. 3 – Do it. No thinking, just go. Yeah. Sounds great and it works great if you can get it to happen. You see, I have this terrible affliction, it’s called a short attention span. Not too big of a problem, but it is keeping me from going pass the “see it” part in some of the things I’m trying to do.

There's an article on the Speed Endurance website that gives a lot of exercises to improve your visualization skills. If you're short in the attention span area like me, you'll need to remember to keep your sessions short. The purpose should be to have a focused and high quality visualization session. Don't have time for this? Read the link on the picture source. Scratch that, read both. While the first article gives good insight into the neuromuscular activity in visualization, the second article is a down and dirty base level reading to get a quick grasp on the subject. What I've found is that I'm not missing my Olympic lifts because of I'm not strong, I'm lacking the technique. When I have a particular group of qualities already established, I'm pretty sure it means I need to spend more time in my thinktank rather than up my time in the gym. If you close your eyes and try the technique and find that your brain cannot tell your muscles how to move, you'll have bigger issues when you open your eyes.

It's Monday. To help pass time, I'm trying to organize some priorities for the week. Top of the list is visualization, followed by getting diet back on track after some rough on the belly cheats, and trying to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Other things on the list - two-a-days and more food.
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